This winter will be unlike any other we’ve had to face.

In these turbulent times - we know you value comfort and quality more than ever. To prepare you for winter, our new collection is timeless and modular, offering flexibility to mix and match. A classic colour palette in rich burgundy, beige and black are refreshed with hints of metallic, coral and blue. Leather and tailoring pair with heritage checks, paisley and nightfall prints for a chic bohemian vibe. Shearling jackets, cosy knitwear and double-breasted overcoats layer up making outfits ideal for cold walks, or laid back lounging.

Contrasting the daily limitations we've faced in 2020, the campaign was inspired by the liberated hedonism enjoyed one hundred years ago by 'The Bright Young Things'; the tabloid nickname given to a group of bohemian English aristocrats from the 1920s. Carefree and exuberant, the collective hosted decadent parties, enjoying life to the excess.