Modern Luxury

Modern luxury to us means creating styles that are high quality, fairly priced, and sustainably made. We've tried to fuse 'art' and 'science' to offer exceptional quality at great value.

All of our styles are designed in our studios on the Southbank of London - a stone's throw from Tower Bridge next to Butler's Wharf. Our design team has years of experience and is led by Megan Aylott who graduated from Central St. Martins. The team takes inspiration from the arts, popular culture and runway trends to create versatile, durable styles that will last for years - the 'art'.

We've spent years building a smart supply chain using data science, machine learning, and agile manufacturing principles. We make everything in the most sustainable, efficient way to reduce cost and minimise the impact on the environment. We have a dedicated production team in Europe that works each week with all of our family-owned factories to guarantee quality - the 'science'.

We believe that most of the fashion industry is inefficient. Why? Because in fashion, there are too many middle-men all adding layers of cost, which gets passed down to you, the customer. We’re here to change that, delivering better design and quality at a better price. We can do this because we work hard at being efficient with a fully integrated design to sales model.


Smart Supply Chains

We’ve spent years optimising our supply chains to take out the middle-men and to keep things in-house. We manufacture all of our styles exclusively in Europe with family owned factories that we control. We also go directly to source on manufacturing and fabrics. We minimise transportation expenses. We don’t work with wholesalers, distribution agents or sourcing agents (who all add cost). We use data science and machine learning to optimise production runs to ensure we don't make too much, or too little, but just the right quantity.

This way, the price customers pay is for the quality of the product - not for our oversized overheads. We dedicate time and effort to ensuring the quality of every style we make. The quality of our fabrics, details, and finishings is premium. We constantly test and refine all of our styles to guarantee fit and feel. Our dedicated production team visits our production partners weekly to ensure the highest standards of detailing and finishing.


‘Every style is designed in London and exclusively made in our studios in Europe’


‘We love to tell stories that can inspire and entertain, reflective of the time and inspired by popular culture’


The Art of Design

Our design and development team in London takes inspiration from the arts, music and popular culture to create current, versatile styles with a twist. The design team visit art galleries, work with artists and draw inspiration from the creative arts when designing styles in seasonal collections.

Every year we produce Collections for Spring-Summer and Autumn-Winter. We have dedicated designers for Ready to Wear, Accessories, Homeware and Wall Art. In between seasonal collections, we work with artists and master craft makers to create special collections. We’re also working with Central St. Martins to support the talents of young British designers and garment technologists.

We work collaboratively with customers to engineer optimal fit and feel using the finest fabrics. We believe in being inclusive. We're one of a handful of brands to offer a broad size range of 9 sizes - from UK 6 (US 2) to UK 22 (US 18) with Petite, Regular and Tall inseam options. Every style is optimised using feedback from customers.

Every product starts with an idea. Ideas are drawn and sketched by hand and brought to life in house by cutting and fitting each piece. We test wearability and fit extensively with multiple testers to ensure our products work on all body types, big and small.


‘We take inspiration from the arts, music, and popular culture to create current, versatile styles with a twist’