Muse S/S22

Our campaign story for June is called ‘Muse’ and is dedicated to artists. We wanted to explore inspiration and the different settings in which we can find it. We chose four different inspirations to highlight. Choose from The Lake, Woodland, Savannah and Open Spaces to see which best fits your mood. This is your invitation to connect with your own inspiration with the story set on an idyllic summer day in the Buckinghamshire countryside in England. Flowing fabrics, vast open spaces and warm atmospheric lights bathe our eternally optimistic campaign. This month, we’d like to welcome you to our essential event outfits, breezy summer dresses, and cool summer wear that’s ideal for the (hopefully) warmer weather. Floral prints take centre stage in June to offer a seasonal uplift to your looks. Our Misty Floral print on the cover reminded us of impressionist paintings and the creativity of artists.