We passionately believe in fairness. Making things fairly, pricing things fairly, and behaving responsibly as a business in our communities and to our environment. We've built a smart supply chain using data science, lean manufacturing principles, and just-in-time production. Our Factories are all family-owned and share our values of fairness. We have a dedicated production team in Europe that visits our factories every week. This way, we can guarantee the quality of each and every single style we make. The goal was to produce efficiently, in a sustainable way to minimise cost and the impact on the environment. This way, we're able to offer a fairer price to customers because our costs are lower. We've also optimised our logistics, transport, and production to reduce transport distance and cost.

We created a dedicated production team in Europe who can sample and manufacture every style on a 'Just in time' basis. We re-stock styles on a weekly basis to our logistics facilities in the UK, USA, and EU. We manufacture all of our styles in-house with partners in Europe. We've hand-picked manufacturing partners in Italy, Portugal, Turkey, and Bulgaria who share our passion for production to create styles in an efficient, sustainable way. We directly source fabrics, details, and trims in Europe from family-owned suppliers.


Better prices

We believe in fair prices for our styles and offering good value to customers.

We design all of our collections in our studios on the Southbank in London, inspired by modern culture, art, and music (the art). We've spent years building a smart supply chain using data science, machine learning, and lean manufacturing principles (the science). This way, we're able to offer better value and fairer prices to our customers because our costs are lower - largely by cutting out the middle-man. We source all of our own fabrics, trims, and accessories before

We have dedicated sampling studios and offices in Europe that oversees the production of all of our styles. For instance, our scarves, trainers, and boots are all made with the finest materials in Italy with artisan craftsmen who make a few at a time. Our tailors and seamstresses use modern technology or work by hand to finish every style with care.


Better factories

Since 2011, the Saint and Sofia team has designed and delivered over 5 million products to customers around the world.

We only work with family-owned fabric mills, factories, and logistics companies to bring our products from design to your doorstep. We exclusively manufacture all of our styles and accessories in Europe. We prefer to choose using the finest natural and eco-friendly fabrics such as Organic Cotton and Ecovero.

Through our dedicated production company, we have an experienced team on the ground working with all of our partners on a daily basis. We only work with fully certified factories that pass a strict set of quality and ethical standards.

We personally visit every factory we work with to ensure quality standards. Our garment technologists oversee the production process from beginning to end to guarantee product quality.


Quality guaranteed

We’ve handpicked our production partners for their craft, attention to detail, and dedication to quality. Every single factory we work with shares our values of fairness and sustainability. Every stitch, seam and join is expertly crafted for the finest fit and feel. We love working with family-owned factories because they take pride in their work (unlike incorporate production facilities). Many of the technicians who work in our factories have years of experience in producing garments and accessories.

This dedication to high quality is visible in every product. Our philosophy is to keep our overhead costs low so that the price you pay is for the product.

Every decision we make in production has an impact on the overall quality, fit, and feel. We have invested heavily in all of our production partners and have dedicated teams who only work on producing Saint and Sofia styles.