Better Factories

Since 2011, the Saint and Sofia team have designed and delivered over 5 million products to customers around the world.

We only work with family-owned fabric mills, factories, and logistics companies to bring our products from design to your doorstep. We exclusively manufacture all of our styles and accessories in Europe. We prefer to choose using the finest natural and eco-friendly fabrics such as Organic Cotton and Ecovero.

Through our dedicated production company, we have an experienced team on the ground working with all of our partners on a daily basis. We only work with fully certified factories that pass a strict set of quality and ethical standards.

We personally visit every factory we work with to ensure quality standards. Our garment technologists oversee the production process from beginning to end to guarantee product quality.


Attention to details

We’ve handpicked our production partners for their craft, attention to detail and dedication to quality. Every single factory we work with shares our values of fairness and sustainability. Every stitch, seam and join is expertly crafted for the finest fit and feel. We love working with family-owned factories because they take pride in their work (unlike in corporate production facilities). Many of the technicians who work in our factories have years of experience in producing garments and accessories.

This dedication to high quality is visible in every product. Our philosophy is to keep our overhead costs low so that the price you pay is for the product.

Every decision we make in production has an impact on the overall quality, fit, and feel. We have invested heavily in all of our production partners and have dedicated teams who only work on producing Saint and Sofia styles.


Quality assurance

Every product passes a multi-step quality assurance test to guarantee the finishing. Every style is individually inspected and checked, pressed, and packed to guarantee quality. We use special bio-degradable packaging to minimise the environmental impact but also to ensure the styles are dust-free.

Two teams inspect every product. One team based at the factory and another team is sent by our production office before products are shipped to our fulfillment centers in the UK, Europe and USA for dispatch. Any garments or accessories that don’t pass our strict 30 point test are rejected.


Finest Fabrics

We work with family owned fabric mills in Italy, Turkey and Portugal to supply us with the finest natural fabrics. We make garments with Organic Cotton, Ponte Di Roma and Econyl. All chosen for their soft hand feel and easy drape as well as their minimal impact on the environment.

Econyl is made from a nylon of re-cycled ocean plastics. It has a luxury touch and feel that is smooth and silky to the touch. Organic Cotton is produced with significantly less water than regular cotton and all of the associated waste. It also has a softer hand feel to regular cotton. Ponte Di Roma is an Italian fabric that has a fine knit finish. It’s wrinkle and crease-free making it easy to care for as well as having a soft, smooth feel.


Expert finishing

Our designers provide detailed specifications for every style to our production team who then coordinate the production of samples. After fittings and iterations to patterns, a final file is prepared that includes requirements for finishing. This finishing includes notes on seams, joins and trims (button, zips etc) and how they should be prepared.

Each factory commits to our multi-step quality assurance process as well as spending additional production time finishing every garment. As a result, our fault rate on garments and accessories is 60% less than the industry average. If you have any issues with your items, we’ll replace them for free.



We passionately believe in being serious about sustainability and that we have a responsibility to each other and to the planet . We make all of our styles in the most sustainable way because we believe in making products that are good for you and minimise our impact on the environment. This means being conscious of the effect each part of our design and supply chain has on us, our customers and the planet. We believe every business has a duty to have a positive social impact.

    How we work sustainably:
  • - Packaging with bio-degradable and recycled materials
  • - Using eco fabrics such as Ecovero, Cupro, Tencel and Econyl
  • - Using GOTS Certified Organic Cotton
  • - Reducing carbon footprint through intelligent sourcing
  • - Using smart logistics to reduce transportation distance
  • - Planting Trees with Trees for Cities to offset carbon
  • - Using minimal/no dyes in our packaging
  • - Funding conservation research by the Natural History Museum

We make all of our styles in Europe and mostly by hand