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How to style - Casual Pants

Here are a some easy styling tips for your favorite jersey trousers:

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How to style - Boots with jeans

Here are a few styling tips for your denim winter look:

  • Show off a stylish studded boot by rolling up the hem of a tapered jeans
  • For a timeless look, wear your favorite skinny jeans tucked into a western boot
  • To highlight the leg, a flared jeans looks great over a chunky boot

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How to style - the greenwich dress

The Greenwich Dress is a forever favorite in our dress collection. Here are some easy styling tips:

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How to style - Sweaters

Got your eye on a knit? Here are some tips:

  • Layer over a dress
  • Create a smarter feel by tucking it in a pant or a skirt
  • Throw a coat over your jumper for a sophisticated look
  • A half tuck or a French tuck gives a bit of shape to any outfit

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Styling for Tall Body Shapes

Layering is key if you're tall. The basics:

  • High-waisted and wide-leg pant styles create an hourglass shape
  • Curves can be emphasised with a belt to avoid a 'baggy' look
  • Wear bold colours, but only on one body half
  • Tall and curvy? Highlight the right places with mom jeans or skinny jeans with stretch

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Styling for Petite Body Shapes

There are several options for Petite shapes, for example:

Top tips:

  • Try to avoid too many layers
  • Aim for a tighter fit around the bottom half
  • A belt helps to cinch in relaxed-fit styles

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The hampton coat

The Hampton Coat is a long-line overcoat that's made to last.

  • Hand-tailored from luxuriously soft Italian wool
  • Double breasted with collar detail
  • Front pockets and hem vent at the back
  • Comfortable fit

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